Terms of Service

There is no guarantee the ticket(s) will be sold, though we will do our best. In the event that the tickets are sold, the client will be notified promptly. Payment will be made no later than 2 weeks after delivery of the order. Client agrees that once the tickets are given to the HTB specialists to sell, he/she will not also attempt to sell the ticket through other online exchanges and will not re-print the tickets. Clients can sell the tickets through private means, such as friends and family, or classified website like craigslist.org.  If re-printed tickets are sold after HTB has sold the tickets(or HTB was not informed) the guest will be responsible for all costs associated with the tickets(which would include any refunds HTB would have to issue to the new purchaser of the tickets). Client will receive 80% of the amount collected by HTB. By submitting this form Client is fully aware that they are the rightful owner of these tickets.